Our After Care service at Walsall gives you reassurance and support with our on-site professional rehabilitation team. 

What we offer

  • Exercise in a friendly safe environment - (All staff trained in life support)
  • Well equipped large gym
  • Healthy eating advice/Healthy Lifestyle classes
  • Tai-Chi Classes with qualified instructors Tai-Chi Streetly or Tai-Chi Walsall
  • Blood pressure & weight checks
  • Day/Evening After Care Service After Care Walsall or After Care Streetly
  • Flexible programmes including Home/Online Rehab Programme
  • Counselling Service
  • Heart Support Group to gain support and attend our social activities
  • Opportunity to meet other people in same/similar situation
  • Family, friends, carers welcome
  • Refreshments available
  • Easy access ground level
  • Showers and changing rooms
  • Car Parking
  • Direct Debit Facility/Membership Savings for After Care services Membership Rates & Savings

You can choose to do your After Care at either Walsall or After Care Streetly

There is a small charge for the service and further reduced fees if you choose to exercise at our off-peak times or pay by direct debit