Rehabilitation Figures for April 2018 to March 2019

Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme

  • 87% of patients completing the programme had improved fitness
  • 99% were very satisfied or satisfied with the service provided
  • 99% thought they received enough support
  • 99% said they would recommend the programme
  • 89% found the exercise programme about the right level of difficulty
  • 99% thought they received enough support through exercise
  • 97% stated they will continue with a healthy lifestyle
  • 50% continued exercising at Heart care following their rehabilitation programme

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme

  • 93% would recommend the course to others with lung conditions
  • 85% found the course worthwhile
  • 83% of patients said the course met their expectations
  • 86% of patients had improved fitness levels
  • 76% of patients had increased walking distance

Additional Services

Our Tai-Chi classes continue to be successful with two classes running at Walsall and a further class at Streetly Community Centre

  • The number of PAD patients being referred has increased

Counselling Services

Our counselling service has continued to receive very positive feedback from patients with positive individual results.

"Feeling ‘back to normal’"

"Sleeping better"

"More able to cope"

"Feeling more positive / happier / relaxed / stronger"

"Ready to return to work"

Heart Support Group

Our Heart Support Group is growing and we now have over 150 members. Our members receive a quarterly newsletter and information about all of our news and events. We also host regular coffee afternoons, social activities and fundraising events where patients can involve their family/friends/carers if they wish to.

Patients’ comments for Cardiac/Pulmonary programme

"Exercise on the bike was helpful to my walking"

"Staff made me most welcome"

"Staff first class, great! Always very positive"

"Highly recommended for anyone with similar problems – tailored to suit your needs"

"Well planned and well supervised which gives everyone confidence"

"Feeling better and more confident"

"Encouraged me to do more"

"Do not have to use inhalers as much"

"Everyone is very friendly and considerate"

"I was anxious to start but soon got over it!"

"Can do things now I couldn't do at the start!"

"Helpful & dedicated staff"