We are a welcoming team and will try to make your journey with us enjoyable, as well as a beneficial experience for you.  Our rehabilitation team work with you to ensure we provide the best individual programme for you.

The Doctor works part time at Heart Care in conjunction with Walsall Manor Hospital therefore you may well have met him whilst in hospital.  He has considerable cardiology experience and consults patients at the unit on an appointment basis where a doctors input is necessary.

The Nurses will conduct an initial interview with you and provide you with expert advice and education.  They will work with you to decide on realistic goals and decide which programme is the most suitable for you.  They will also monitor you on the exercise programme in conjunction with the Exercise Physiologists.

The Exercise Physiologists will assess your capability to perform exercise and then plan an appropriate exercise programme for you.  If you want to bring a relative/carer or friend with you they can also plan an appropriate exercise programme for them too if they wish!  The Exercise Physiologists will be involved in an initial exercise assessment and will monitor and adjust your programme as necessary to suit you, you will then be reassessed at the end of your programme.  You will be encouraged along your journey and you will be provided with more education on exercise.

The Health Care Assistants assist the rehabilitation team when interviewing patients, during exercise assessments, using heart monitors and can perform ECGs, cholesterol and glucose testing as required.  They give advice and education and are always available to listen and support you through your journey with us.

 "The staff were wonderful, explaining everything to me and made me feel safe whilst being checked over " Christallo Minas, Heart Care Patient