We offer a professional counselling service ran by a qualified counsellor.  This consists of one to one counselling sessions offering confidential support. 

Why do people with heart conditions feel anxious or depressed? 

Many people feel panicky after they have been diagnosed with a heart condition or have a sudden heart attack or surgery.  This could lead to anxiety or depression.  Its very common to have overwhelming emotions when such a major health event has occured.  

How can we help?

Counselling is available to Heart Care members whichever programme you may be attending. In addition to this we also run stress management and relaxation sessions.

You can be referred by the Cardiac Rehab Doctor or Nurses, Exercise Physiologists or the service can be requested.  If you feel you would benefit from counselling please telephone 01922 725050.  

Watch this short video from the British Heart Foundation to understand more about how people with coronary disease can be affected by anxiety and depression.

Mental Health Tips 

Taking Care of Body and Mind