Stewarts Workbench Raises Money

Stewart kindly sold his beloved workbench to raise money for our Heart Care Emergency appeal! Read more

Tribute to Chris Blakemore

We announce the very sad passing of our much loved former patient and Trustee Chris Blakemore. Read more

Amy and Sally's Marathon Challenge

Amy and Sally have now finished their Marathon challenge and raised over £750 so far! Read more

Laurence's Lockdown Photography

Laurence is maintaining his health & wellbeing by walking and doing a hobby he loves! Take a look at his stunning Spring photography Read more

Happy New Year from Heart Care

Happy New Year Update from Heart Care Read more

Postcode Neighbourhood Trust Grant

A massive thank you to the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust for giving us an amazing grant! Read more

BACPR Certified

Heart Care is awarded an accredited award for Cardiac Rehabilitation. Read more

Nominate Heart Care

Nominate Heart Care to give us a chance of winning £1000 for our Heart Care Emergency Appeal! Read more

Lockdown Walks

Keep active during Lockdown by getting outdoors and walking which will help improve your health & wellbeing Read more

Trustees Week

During Trustees Week find out about our fantastic Trustees and what they do to make a difference to our charity! Read more

Travel Challenge reaches Australia

Since our Travel Challenge launched in April, people have exercised with enough miles to virtually travel across the globe to Australia ! Read more

New NHS Covid-19 App

Download the NHS COVID-19 App, the simplest way to help protect those we love. Read more

Stewart the CPR Champion

Find out how Stewart's training in CPR helped out his neighbour! Read more

Our Walsall For All Pledge

Read about the pledge we have signed to make a more integrated Walsall. Read more

Amers mountain challenge for Heart Care

"It was really hard work but I was determined to do it!" Read more

Laurence's Photography Travels

Laurence is enjoying taking part in our Travel Challenge and is taking some amazing photos on the way! Read more

Paul selected for BACPR Webinar

Paul Boden was recently selected to present at a BACPR webinar! Read more

Heart Care Walsall - First Day Re-opening

It was lovely to see some of our patients again! Read more

Heart Care Re-opening Notice

Heart Care's confirmed opening date is 12th April (13th Streetly) Read more

More Travel Challenge Destinations

We have travelled part way round the world already so to make our journey to Australlia more interesting we have added in a few more destinations! Read more

Amers Snowdon Trek for Heart Care

Amers is trekking up Snowdon Mountain to raise money for our Heart Care Emergency Appeal! Read more

Heart Care Travel Challenge

Since the start of our Travel challenge in April patients have joined in with family and friends to travel over 4,900 miles in exercise and we are still going! Read more