Having heart or lung disease can affect you and those close to you that's why friends, family and carers are able to attend Heart Care with you to share your journey of recovery.  It is also helpful to talk to others who have gone through a similar situation that's why we have our very own Heart Support Group. 

We want you to feel that we are supporting and helping you with your recovery so in addition to our rehab programmes we also have a Heart Support Group which regularly puts on talks, activities and social events for you to enjoy. Our heart Support Group is also affiliated with the British Heart Foundation. 

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"We have been attending Heartcare for 15 years now and the Heart Support Group Coffee afternoons are a welcome addition to the 'Family' feel as we find as we can spend a bit more time chatting to people  who exercise on a different day to us. The Newsletter is also a welcome addition".  Dave Rock Heart Care Member

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