About us

Improving health, happiness and wellbeing through exercise and a healthy lifestyle

Our vision

We aim to support and encourage as many people in the local community as we can who suffer from cardiovascular disorders, circulatory disorders, chronic lung disease or long term conditions such as cancer, stroke, TIA or diabetes.

Our mission

We aim to improve health, happiness and wellbeing through exercise and a healthy lifestyle

We improve peoples lives by:

  • Assisting and encouraging people to make healthy lifestyle choices through exercise, education, counselling, weight management and information.
  • Building peoples self-confidence and increasing their fitness.
  • Helping people to understand their long term health condition 
  • Making positive changes to peoples lives to prompt a permanent change for good.

What we do

We are pioneers in cardiac rehabilitation and promote the benefits of health and wellbeing to all our patients

  • We provide expert exercise and nutritional advice to our patients
  • We offer a variety of rehab programmes to suit peoples needs Our Rehabilitation Programmes
  • We offer support and encouragement to our patients though our rehab programmes and Heart Support Group

Our values


To empower people to take responsibility for a healthy lifestyle by giving them advice, support and information.


Providing a high standard of service meeting BACPR standards and NICE guidelines. Staff will continually undertake training to keep them up to date on developments within our remit.


Our Charity will collaborate with agencies and partners in the community and work closely with the Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group to ensure that the service meets the requirements of the local population.

Financial Controls

Income and expenditure is continually monitored with quarterly accounts being produced.

These are the values that ensure we never lose sight of what we are trying to achieve.

Success stories