With an estimated 7 million people living with coronary disease in the UK, unfortunately we know it often directly affects many peoples family members and friends.  We also understand how traumatic it is when someone close to them suffers a heart attack or has undergone major heart surgery.  We have helped to rehabilitate thousands of patients in Walsall and Streetly and continue to do so with donations and support from individuals. 

One of the ways you can help us to raise much needed funds for Heart Care is by leaving a gift in your will.  A gift in your will can really make a difference to someones life and can help someone just like Steve to recover from heart disease. 

For more information on leaving a gift in your will please read our leaflet Leaflet_Legacy_2019.pdf


Preserving the memory of a loved one for our 'Tree of Life' is a touching and meaningful way of a remembering a loved one and celebrating their life.  Our 'Tree of Life' is a moving and inspirational wall mural and already contains the names of many peoples loved ones many of whom were themselves patients at Heart Care. You can engrave a leaf and add it to our 'Tree of Life tree at a cost of £100.

If you are interested in Leaving a gift in your will or would like a leaf for our 'Tree of Life' please complete our enquiry form or contact Rina Guddu on 01922 725050.