Information for GP's/Health Care Professionals

We offer to support your patients through our unique programmes of monitored physical exercise and expert advise. Our rehabilitation programmes aim to improve your patients health, fitness and wellbeing so they can return to a normal active life with their confidence restored. 

Cardiac Rehabilitation

8 week FREE exercise programme and education for patients with a diagnosis (6 months or more) of stable angina, atrial fibrillation, enlarged heart, heart murmur or other diagnosed stable heart condition to improve their health and fitness in a safe environment under medical supervision.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

7 week FREE exercise programme including assessment and reassessment with defining results. We take MRC levels 2-4 patients who are motivated to exercise to help them manage their condition.

    Rehabilitation takes place at our Walsall unit for more information on our rehabilitation programmes click on the following link Our Rehab Programmes

    Other Services Provided

    Patients can be referred to us for the following; Counselling, Lymphoedema Rehabilitation, Tai-Chi Walsall, Keep it Healthy, Managing Long Term Conditions, Home/Online Rehab Programme. Some of these services may incur a small charge.

    If you wish to make a referral please click the following link How to refer