Paul Boden, Senior Exercise Physiologist has become one of the first people in the Black Country to be accredited by a national organisation in the field of exercise physiology

Paul Boden, Exercise Physiologist was honoured to attend the first Clinical Exercise Physiology UK conference at Manchester Metropolitan University to accept the registered accreditation. The conference brought together industry experts, academics and professionals from the Clinical Exercise Physiology field.  

Paul thoroughly enjoyed the conference and said “I’m very proud to have achieved this accreditation, not too many people are familiar with our role, so hopefully this organisation will help promote us to a wider audience.  “I’m a firm believer in the therapeutic effect of physical activity and exercise in the management of several long-term health conditions, so this recognition will help promote the role with the NHS.  “We’ve had patients who have gone on to run marathons and long bike rides – and one heart failure patient does the local parkrun quicker than a member of staff!, But it’s about providing clinical input with patients to help them achieve realistic goals – return to work, play golf or whatever they do in their daily lives".  “In most cases people can return to doing most things they were doing before their cardiac event.”

Well done Paul for this wonderful achievement.  Heart Care Healthy living look forward to collaborating with Clinical Exercise Physiology UK!