Dear patients

We are writing to inform you about the latest changes to Heart care @ Streetly. As you are aware Streetly Community centre are making some changes to our hall, which means we have lost the room to store our equipment and have been given the container on the car park as a replacement. Unfortunately, it is now evident that this is not a solution for us, and poses too much of a health and safety risk for the staff. We were hoping to be able to move to the hall we are currently using with storage but have been told by the community centre on more than one occasion this is not possible.

After over 25 years at the community centre we are extremely disappointed to be leaving, but are delighted that we have found a new location only a two minute drive from where we are currently. As of Tuesday 26th September 2023 our sessions will be held at Blackwood Methodist Church, Blackwood Road, Streetly, located next door to Blackwood Medical Centre. We will continue to operate on all three days, including the Tai Chi class at the usual time on a Tuesday.

Exercise sessions will now to start at 8.15am to allow patients that want to start their session early to arrive before the school traffic starts to build up. Blackwood Methodist Church has a car park but we are aware that some parents use the car park for the school drop off so we suggest you to arrive between 8.15-8.25am to get a space on the car park, or wait till 9.15am onwards to ensure you can park safely. Obviously during school holidays this won’t be a problem.

We are aware this is short notice to inform you of our move, but it has been a very busy (and stressful!) few weeks. We hope you will continue to support us at our new venue and join us in celebrating a fresh, new and exciting chapter.

Please make a note of our new telephone number 07592 186406 and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 


Sarah, Michelle, Carole and Mandy