Laurence our After Care Member and friend loves to combine his favourite hobby, photogrpahy with walking to keep him healthy!

Laurence recently went on holiday to Eskrigg Reserve at Lockerbie.  He waited in a hide for an hour to photograph a red squirrel and was rewarded eventually.  There is also a Woodpecker and a Tree Creeper on what looks like a picture of a tree trunk. Can you spot him? (See photos below)

Thank you to Laurence for sharing these wonderful photos with us, he is a great photogrpher and we always ike to share his photos during the different seasons in the year! 

Walking Outdoors

Being outdoors and walking this time of year is a wonderful way of getting your exercise and helping to reduce anxiety.  Autumn walks treat you to a myriard of colours and you can see the animals busy foraging in preparation for winter.