During the pandemic we have strived to adapt our services so that we can still provide the professional support to our patients and give them the real help and support they need to recover.

Medical History

Mr Jones was referred to Heart Care for Cardiac Rehabilitation during COVID 19 lock down.  Mr Jones a 73 year old gentleman was admitted to hospital with severe chest pain. He underwent emergency heart surgery (CABG x3 plus LIMA). Mr Jones remained in hospital for one week post operatively due to extended stay in ITU with anaesthetic issues.

Phone Support Cardiac Rehab Programme

The Phone Support Rehabilitation Programme appeared the best option for Mr Jones as he didnt feel ready to attend the unit due to covid restrictions.  One of our Cardiac Rehab Specialists Nurses arranged and conducted the telephone support for Mr Jones and a motivational approach was used to engage him to formulate individual, patient centred goals for his rehabilitation.  The nurse contacted Mr Jones regulalry to moniter his goals and offer support on diet, medication and exercise and answer any other concerns Mr Jones had with his rehabilitation.


After Mr Jones had completed the phone support rehab programme, all of his goals had been achieved and both him and his wife were very pleased with achievements. They were also pleased that the surgeon had also discharged Mr Jones and was satisfied with his progress.

At 10 weeks post op Mr Jones felt much stronger and able, more confident and was looking forward to the future once COVID-19 restrictions were lifted.

Patient feedback

·    Mr and Mrs Jones both expressed their gratitude for the on-going guidance, support, information and advice they have received during a very stressful time in their lives.

·    Mrs Jones stated that the initial phone call especially made her feel that she was no longer in isolation trying to support and look after her sick husband during COVID-19 lockdown

·    Mr Jones particularly felt initially that his diagnosis and surgery came as a big shock and that he would never feel well again.  At times he felt like giving up with his eating and medication due to feeling so unwell, but the telephone support helped and he looked forward to the calls.

·    Mr Jones stated that the support from Heart Care gave him the incentive to try harder to achieve his goals and as he started to feel better he wanted to do more and felt quite pleased with himself

·    He was also grateful that he was able to receive the individual support he required for his rehabilitation over the telephone as he and his wife did not wish to leave the house during the COVID-19 pandemic.