It is a programme that is used to help individuals recovering from a heart attack, a heart problem, or those with heart failure. The programme has 3 main elements, including: physical activity; education; and social/mental health improvement.

Cardiac Rehabilitation - Heart Care

Here at Heart care we run a free 8 to 13-week cardiac rehab course, which is carried out by a multi-disciplinary team that consists of a Doctor, nurses, exercise physiologists, health care assistants and a counsellor. The Rehab Team will help you understand your condition and how to improve your quality of life with it.

What are the benefits of cardiac rehab?

The main aim of cardiac rehab is to improve a patient’s health. This is achieved in different ways, such as:

  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system through exercise.
  • Increase fitness levels, making your daily activities easier.
  • Build strength in your legs and upper body.
  • Lose weight and improve your body composition.
  • Relieve or improve symptoms the patients may have.
  • Help build better habits, including diet.
  • Educate patients on lifestyle and medication.
  • Improve confidence in your body’s capabilities.
  • Setting goals to give yourself something to aim for.
  • Relieve stress and improve mood.
  • Meet new people and make friends.

Why should you come to Heart Care?

Most people are advised to do some sort of exercise after having a cardiac event. A cardiac rehabilitation centre provides a safe and welcoming place for you to do this exercise. It is important to start cardiac rehab as soon as possible as the exercise will help to improve the strength of your heart.

Research has shown that those who adhere to a cardiac rehab programme have a reduced risk of a second event compared to those who do not

This mostly comes down to control of the risk factors such as inactivity, high blood pressure and obesity.

Covid Safety Measures

During this pandemic we have adapted our gym to ensure the following safeguarding measures are in place to protect staff, patients and visitors:- 

  • 2m Space between gym equipment
  • Regular cleaning regimes
  • Full PPE worn by all staff
  • Contactless payments available
  • Pre-bookable appointments to ensure we are not over subscribed

Our After Care Programme 

Not only is it a safe place to exercise and get healthy, but you can also meet other people in similar situations as Heart Careyou. We have a large Aftercare Programme at Heart Care which you can join after completing the 13-week course. It is important to keep up the fitness levels you have gained on the course, therefore the Aftercare Programme allows you to use our facilities and continue to exercise under our supervision, and you can regularly have your exercise programme updated by the Exercise Physiologists.

There are many benefits to signing up on our membership scheme or the pay as you go option as you can be flexible with the times you come. You can also attend our Streetly rehab unit, Tai Chi classes and evening sessions. 

More ways to manage your health

In addition to our Cardiac Rehab we also run other Rehab Programmes for weight loss, managing long term conditions, Pulmonary Rehab and our Keep it Healthy programme to improve general health & fitness and help manage cardiovascular risk factors.

How can I be referred for Cardiac Rehabilitation?

If you have recently had heart surgery and would like to attend for cardiac rehabilitation, you will need to contact your GP or Consultant and ask them to refer you to Heart Care Walsall.    

For those who cannot physically attend our units we also run a Home Programme