Fatigue can affect many of us, this can be physical or mental, caused by doing too much or by pressure and stress.  It can present itself as a feeling of tiredness that continues even after sleeping.  You may feel the need to stay in bed after waking up or go back to bed after being awake for a short time.  It can sometimes be a sign that something is wrong.  Those with heart disease, diabetes, COPD, anxiety, depression and high stress are more prone to fatigue than others. 

So, what causes fatigue?  Here are some factors that contribute to the build up of fatigue: 

  • Staying up late, not enough sleep will increase fatigue. Heart Care Fatigue
  • Drinking too much alcohol or caffeine and alter our sleep by keeping us awake. 
  • Getting too much or too little exercise, too much can exhaust your body, too little means your muscles become deconditioned and fatigue easier.   

We might not have fatigue now but there are ways to help avoid fatigue or reduce the build up.   

Ways to reduce fatigue build up include: 

  • Exercising regularly, keeping active improves our sleep and keeps the muscles conditioned. Fatigue - Heart Care Exercise
  • Avoiding napping, long naps can stop you sleeping at night, try to keep naps under 30 minutes. 
  • Stop smoking, smoking puts strain on the lungs and the cardiovascular system, leading to COPD and heart disease which are linked to fatigue. 
  • Ask for help, if you continue to feel fatigued, speak to your doctor. 

Ryan Hodgkinson