Walking has become one of the most popular ways to exercise over the lockdown and has easily become one of my own favourites!

So why is walking so good for us?  Walking increases our heart rate and breathing rate, which is essential for improving our heart and lung health.  When we are walking, we are working our leg muscles; the legs are our biggest muscles in our body, so we burn lots of calories when we work them!  Walking is also relatively easy to recover from, so you could go for a walk every day if you are feeling up for it! 

Most importantly, getting out of the house and doing so physical activity is an excellent way to improve our mental health.  Walking around a park or a nature reserve is a great way to relax and destress.  If the sun is out, we also get a boost to our vitamin D levels, which is really important for your bone health!

My advice for when walking: 

  •      Wear comfy shoes.
  •      Always take your GTN spray with you.
  •      Take breaks if you need to.
  •      Plan your walk so you know how long it will take you.
  •      If you are going for a long walk, take a bag with a snack and a bottle of water.

If you want to start walking more often, we can advise you on how to progress your fitness using a walking programme.  Call us on 01922 725050 and asked to speak with an exercise physiologist for more information.

Ryan Hodgkinson

Exercise Physiologist