Do you ever think about how much sugar you eat and where it comes from in our foods. 

We all know that too much sugar is not good for us!  Too much sugar in our diet long term, increases our risk of heart disease, kidney damage and type 2 diabetes.  Sugar can be hidden in products with various names, such as, sucrose, fructose, molasses, glucose, syrup, and fruit juice concentrates.

You should aim to get most of your sugars in your diet from fruits and vegetables, as these have fibre and vitamins too!

Ways to lower your sugar intake include:

  • Choose reduced sugar options when shopping, such as baked beans, yogurts and biscuits.
  • Don’t add sugar to your tea or coffee.
  • Don’t top your cereal with sugar. If you have porridge, try it with nuts or berries. 
  • Make sure the fruit cordial or fizzy drinks you buy has no added sugar.

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by Ryan Hodgkinson- Exercise Physiologist