With the festive season upon us, short days and dark nights, it is more important than ever to continue to look after ourselves both physically and mentally.

Heart Care Staying Well in Winter

Here’s a reminder of how to look after yourselves and others.

  • If you can’t meet up with people face to face remember to stay in touch, either by phone or social media. You could be cheering someone else up too! 

  • It’s well known that our physical health can affect our mental health so try and include
    some form of exercise in whatever way suits you. Perhaps a walk (weather permitting)
    or try some exercises at home. It can be difficult to motivate yourself so try setting
    small goals each day. Even housework is exercise!

  • Keep your mind active. Do something you enjoy, a hobby, reading, crosswords,
    puzzles or a good movie. Anything that makes you feel happy and relaxed.

  • Getting a good nights sleep makes a real difference to our mood. Create a good
    bedtime routine, wind down slowly. Make sure your room is comfortable, quiet and
    the right temperature.  If you struggle to switch off, try listening to some relaxing music or practice a breathing technique, breath in deeply and exhale fully. Do this a few times and see how relaxed you feel.

You can also find out more info about managing your mental health on the following links

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Remain positive, stay safe.

Carole Holder, Counsellor

Carole Holder Heart Care Counsellor