This week is Volunteers Week which is a chance to recognise the hardwork and say thank you to all volunteers across the UK! 

We particularly want to say a big THANK YOU to all of our volunteers at Heart Care even though they cannot currently undertake duties for us at the moment due to Corona Virus! We rely heavily on our volunteers to fundraise for us and help out with the day to day running of our unit and we very much appreciate the help and support they give us. We look forward to welcoming back our volunteers when it is absolutely safe to do so!

We are keeping in touch with our volunteers and each day we will be sharing photos of our fabulous volunteers with an update of how they are and what they are doing to keep themselves busy whilst Heart Care is closed to the public! 


We want to say a huge thank you to Carol on who works hard fundraising for Heart Care and also helps on our Reception Desk! 

Carol is well and has been spending time reading, baking a great selection of cakes and pies and even attempted baking bread! Carol is keen to point out that her baking is shared out amongst the family and not all eaten by her!

Carol is also doing her daily exercise by taking local walks and she is actively taking part in our Heart Care Travel Challenge

Well done Carol we miss you! 

Carol Heart Care Volunteers Week

We want to say a big THANK YOU to Pam who volunteers on our Reception Desk 

Pam is doing well at home and is keeping herself very busy gardening, reading novels, knitting and embroidery! Pam like all of our volunteers misses being at Heart Care and we look forward to welcoming Pam back when it's safe to do so.

Wall done Pam thank you for being a Heart Care volunteer!



Another Volunteer we would like to say THANK YOU to today is Alan! 👏❤️

Alan has been an active volunteer with Heart Care for over 20 years! Alan attends the unit nearly every day and helps staff with deliveries, looks after our coffee machine and makes the staff drinks. Alan also helps out with book stalls, bucket collections and helps support our Heart Support Group events! Alan misses the unit very much and he cant wait to return when its safe to do so!

Well done Alan thank you for being a Heart Care Volunteer!


We want to say THANK YOU to Tony who helps out on Reception every Wednesday and also helps us with fundraising activities! ❤️👏

Tony is well and going for daily walks to maintain his health and wellbeing, he's also enjoying pottering about in the garden and playing his piano! We miss you Tony and look forward to you being back on Reception when we open again!

Thank you Tony for being a Heart Care volunteer!


Another volunteer to say THANK YOU to today is Val! ❤️👏

Val helps out on reception and is a member of our Fundraising Group and is normally busy arranging events to help Heart Care raise money! Val is spending her time at home by gardening in her beautiful garden and reading in the sunshine! 🌼

We miss you Val thank you for being a Heart Care Volunteer


Today we are saying THANK YOU to Gill who helps on our reception regularly! ❤️👏

Gill is well and is keeping herself busy by doing jigsaw puzzles, she has already completed one puzzle and has started on her second! We miss Gill and look forward to having her back on Reception when its safe to return!

Well done Gill and thank you for being a Heart Care Volunteer!

Dave & Dot

We also want to say a big THANK YOU to Dave and Dot who both work very hard on our fundraising group to raise money for Heart Care! Dave and Dot also help out at our coffee afternoons and Dave is a fantastic compere at our fundraising events! 👏❤️

Dave and Dot have been spending a lot of time in the garden during this good weather! There favourite pastime is holidays which we are sure they miss very much, these photos are from their trip to Australia last year!

We miss you Dave and Dot thank you for being Heart Care Volunteers!


We want to say THANK YOU to Margaret who volunteers on reception very regularly and also does a great job displaying and pricing items to sell on our table top shop! 👏❤️

Margaret is well and has enjoyed the beautiful weather recently, she is walking circuits of her garden, looking after her pups, gardening, lots of reading and looking after the plants and flowers in the house! Margaret is really looking forward to us all being together again and she misses us all very much and thinks the Heart Care team are all doing a great service to volunteers and patients.

We miss you Margaret thank you for being a Heart Care volunteer!

Fundraising Group

We would like to end Volunteers Week by saying a HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR FUNDRAISING VOLUNTEERS! Our Fundraising Group volunteers do amazing work in raising funds for Heart Care and supporting Rina, our Fundraiser. This fantastic group of people include Paula Tonks, Chris & Roy Staite, Dave Jones, Jan Bonfield, John Roden, Margaret Woodvine, Dave & Dot Rock, Paul Stanley, Carol Drew, Val Skelding, Janet Salmon and Stan Kamunski.❤️

In addition we would like to say a SPECIAL THANK YOU to some other kind hearted people who regularly help out at fundraising events, these include: Sue Greenway, Jackie and Nigel Tonks, Kate & Keith Morris, Darren & Alison. 👏👏

On top of this our heart felt thanks go out to all the wonderful people who volunteer by baking us cakes for our Coffee Afternoons and organise their own fundraising events in our aid. 👏👏