Join in with our Heart Care Travel Challenge to improve your health and wellbeing!  We know many of you have taken part in our exercise videos, going for walks and using exercise equipment at home so we wanted to add up all of your tremendous efforts to see if we can exercise across the UK!

We have come up with a home exercise travel challenge for you to take part in! 

What is the Home Exercise Travel Challenge?

It’s a challenge you can take part in by telling us at Heart Care how much exercise you are doing at home each week in minutes.  Tell us what exercise you have done either each day or each week.  Maybe you have done a 30 min walk, 20 mins Tai-chi, 10 min exercise video or a 5 mile bike ride. If you go on a walk, run or bike ride and you don't know how many miles you have done just tell us how many minutes it took.  Then at the end of every week we will total everyone’s timings and we will convert it into distance and we can see how far we will get in miles! i.e 30 mins tai chi = 1 mile or 30 mins walk = 1 mile. 

How much exercise do I need to do?

It doesn’t matter if you do 10 min exercise video or 10 miles on an exercise bike, it all counts - our first landmark is a trip to the nearest beach at Weston-super-Mare which is 100 miles! The distance around the world is 24900 miles so let’s see how far we get - lots of landmarks along the way to be ticked off!

We would love to see photos of your exercise or walks too, you don't have to share your photos though as long as you submit your exercise timings!

How can you submit your timings/photos?


You can visit our Facebook page and click on posts and you can submit your exercise timings and upload your photos too if you wish.


You can submit your exercise timings through our comments section on the page below. 


Email us your timings [email protected] and you can send us your photos too if you wish. 

Please remember to exercise safely along with government guidelines and if you are unsure what exercise you can and can't do please contact us on 01922 725050 and we will provide you with the relevant exercise advice. 

Please feel free to share this with your friends and relatives and get them involved as well - it’s easier for a hundred people to walk one mile than 1 person to walk 100!!

Destination Targets

Weston Super Mare 100 miles - Target achieved!

Stonehenge 153.04 miles - Target achieved!

Eiffel Tower 319 miles - Target achieved! 

Leaning Tower of Pisa 834.95 miles - Target achieved!

Roman Colusseum 1000.67 miles - Target Achieved 

Lapland 1409 miles - Target Achieved

Blue Mosque 2037 miles - Target Achieved 

Burj al Arab 2182 miles - Target Achieved

The Great Pyramid of Giza 2285 miles - Target Achieved

Statue of Liberty 3367 miles - Target Achieved

The Taj Mahal 4342 miles - Target Achieved

The Great Wall of China 5158 miles - Target Achieved

The Golden Gate Bridge - 5241 miles - Target Achieved

El Tatio - 6511 miles - Target Achieved

Plaza De Mayo 6914 miles - Target Achieved

Tanah Lot 7801 miles - Target Achieved

National Park Los Glaciares 8213 miles - Target Achieved

Ahu Tongariki 8399 miles - Target Achieved




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