Back in April when we were in full lockdown, we wanted to start a challenge to get patients, family and friends to exercise from home to maintain health and happiness and well-being! When we say home this could mean anything from your living room, back garden or local walk!  

It soon became apparent that our travel challenge was a real motivator for people as we started to receive peoples miles and photos and we reached our First Destination Weston Super Mare by the end of the first week, soon after that we reached Stone Henge!  Since then we have travelled to 11 world destinations including Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Roman Colluseum, Lapland, Blue Mosque, Burj Al Arab, Giza Pyramid, Statue of Libery and Taj Mahal!  Thats a total of 4900 miles so far!


As lockdown has continued to ease, we have seen more of you venturing a little further and have received some fantastic photos of people out and about doing exercise! We have been amazed at the effort people have put into the challenge and are so proud of everyone who submits their weekly exercise however big or small!  Staff Members of Heart Care are enjoying taking part with their family and friends too! 

Here are just some of the photos we have received from people taking part!


There are 3 more destinations on our list, the Great Wall of China, Golden Gate Bridge and our final destination Sydney Opera house which is a whopping 10,590 miles but we are determined to get there and with many of you enjoying taking part in our challenge we have no doubt we will get there!

If you haven't already please join in our challenge, if your already doing exercise at home or going for local walks or bike rides of even doing a bit of gardening let us know every week and we can add it to our challenge. 

Click the following link to find out how to get involved with our Heart Care Travel Challenge   

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