Your Company/Group can make a real difference to people suffering from heart and lung disease by nominating us as your "Charity of the Year". 

Why choose Heart Care?

  1. You can raise money through various fundraising activities that help you to fulfil your corporate social responsibility objectives

  2. Your partnership with us helps to rehabilitate more patients in the local community so they can return to a healthy active lifestyle.

  3. We are a small charity that relies heavily on your donations and support.

Benefits for your company/group

  1. Help you achieve Corporate Social Responsibilities and marketing objectives

  2. Help to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst your employees/members
  3. Opportunity for potential business growth by networking with people and other businesses in the community.                     

  4. Engage and motivate employees/members with team-building activities, volunteering and exciting fundraising event

If you would like to nominate Heart Care as your charity of the year please contact Rina Guddu and she can help you put on your events throughout the year [email protected]