We believe in a Walsall For All and we have signed the Walsall for All pledge to demonstrate our commitment to cohesion, equality and inclusion.

We believe in a Walsall for All. We believe that:

  • People living, working and socialising together is good for Walsall.

  • Everyone can and should do their bit to make our town a more integrated place.

We pledge to do our bit by:

1. Delivering our services fairly and taking seriously our commitment to inclusion.

2. Making sure the way in which we recruit and manage our staff and volunteers is fair.

3. Working with people, groups, and organisations that can help us better understand the challenge and support us to be more inclusive.

4. Developing new ways to improve how people in our communities live, work, learn, and socialise together.

5. Encouraging our staff, volunteers, members, and users to sign the ‘Walsall for All People Pledge’.

You can sign the pledge too. Go to www.walsallforall.co.uk/pledge to find out more.