A Patient Story from Christallo Minas ..........When I was told I needed a Stent it was a huge shock to the system. I had the procedure and after a short recovery period I was sent along to Heart Care in Walsall with a feeling of trepidation not knowing what to expect and felt alone. I was foolish to think this because as soon as I walked into Heart Care I was greeted with warmth by everyone. The staff were wonderful, explaining everything to me and made me feel safe whilst being checked over.

The staff checked me thoroughly and I began my exercise programme. Immediately the other members were at my side offering advise and encouragement.

Heart Care is a friendly social place and everyone looks out for each other but equally give you space if you wish to exercise alone. I exercise alongside both men and women and I leave feeling fit and ready for the day but mostly I leave feeling happy because I have made the most amazing, caring, considerate people, staff included who only want the best for you. We are all in the same boat and all work together to achieve great results! I would recommend Heart Care to anyone. The staff are the most hardworking friendly people who bend over backwards to make you experience and enjoyable one, not to mention also steering you towards a healthy future!

Come and join Heart Care its fun, you stay healthy and you meet great people who welcome you with open arms I can guarantee that if anyone has a heart condition and needs to attend Heart Care don't hesitate just go! An example I can share is that I was feeling low and everything was getting on top of me and my panic attacks were getting more regular. I was advised to speak to the Heart Care counsellor there. I felt embarrassed but I was immediately put at ease. I was shown relaxation techniques along with breathing exercises and we took part in a relaxation session. I haven't experienced a panic attack for over six months. The counsellor was wonderful and I know I will always have someone to talk to if I need to. Heart Care is the best thing that has happened to me and I am grateful its in my life!