How long have you been a Heart Care Patient?
Following a heart attack in 1986. I joined Heart Care in 1988 and have attended weekly over the past 36 years.

Why did you decide to attend Heart Care?
It was suggested by my cardiologist at the time that beside my mediation, I needed to take regular exercise and further meet with other persons who had experienced heart problems for he felt that this overall would improve both my physical and mental state.

What is one of your fondest memories of attending Heart Care?
I have always thoroughly enjoyed the exercise programmes and in the initial seven years since joining I was requested by the doctor in charge of the group to take responsibility for fundraising for the Sutton Coldfield unit of Heart Care. This gave me contact with companies for sponsorship and I was able to use some of my former managerial knowledge. Sadly I had to give this up due to the added stress it caused which was affecting my heart condition.

What do you enjoy about coming to Heart Care?
The exercise, the companionship of being with similarly affected people and knowing that there is always professional care immediately available should I need it.

What benefit do you get from attending Heart Care?
The feeling of wellbeing due to the exercise routines and mentally it significantly takes away any depression due to the camaraderie.

Have you made many friendships during that time?
Over 36 years I have made many friendships with other Heart Care members from all walks of life and due to this quite unique class of members we are all there for each other by exchanging our thoughts and circumstances.

What would you say to anyone who is starting a programme at Heart Care?
Welcome to our happy group. Come as regularly as you can and enjoy the exercise programme and the camaraderie. You will soon begin to feel the benefits of attending and it will give you confidence and hope to improve your life in going forward into the future.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
My personal thanks to both the past and present exercise staff who manage the Streetly branch of Heart Care. All of them, without exception have been very professional, caring and have been there for each and every member of the group. The overall benefits of attending are truly invaluable.

Bryan is a wonderful loyal member of Heart care Streetly and really is testament to how attending weekly has greatly benefited him to provide him with a positive healthier lifestyle.

Bryan you are a true Star!