We’ve helped thousands of people to recover and manage their Heart and lung disease in Walsall, Streetly and surrounding areas since we were forced to temporarily close our units in March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Its been an anxious time for many however our friendly and supportive Heart Care team have been there to support patients by offering:-

  • Regular telephone well-being calls from our team offering advise on diet, nutrition, exercise, & medication, reducing stress and anxiety.

  • Telephone interviews conducted by our Nurses & Exercise Physiologists for new patients.

  • Telephone counselling.

  • Regular one-to-one check-in calls with volunteers

  • Facebook Page with regular news and updates which has over 700 followers.

  • A variety of home exercise videos for patients which cover a range of fitness/mobility requirements including Tai-Chi.

  • Home Rehab Programme.

  • Free access to our web based Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Service. Paper based rehab programmes posted to patients if required.

  • Exercise Travel Challenge campaign to ecncourage and motivate health and well-being.

Over 1,200 people have viewed our Home Exercise video page and we’re planning to upload more video content soon!

For those who feel they are not ready to attend we are still offering our home support service as above.

 " I really appreciate the last 8 weeks where without my regular calls from Heart Care I would have   felt very much on my own. It felt lovely to know that someone cares about what I am doing and feel that having contact has meant I have had the incentive to get up and do some exercise, and do more than I would have done otherwise!" Dianne