About 18 months ago upon receiving the dual diagnosis of “Heart Failure and linked Sleep Apnea”. I was shocked and my self confidence took a huge dip, this was followed by tests, a range of medication, a CPCP Machine, night-time oxygen and I was eventually referred to Heart Care.

The Heart Care team were and still are so professional, empathetic, friendly and could not be more helpful allowing me to rebuild my confidence and improve my health to the extent that my diagnosis has recently been reassessed from moderate to mild and the night-time oxygen discontinued.

Yes, the medication plays a huge role but I do not underestimate the success of the twice weekly exercise sessions at Heart Care and long may they continue whilst patients are cared for under their watchful eye and whom rapidly become your friends. I have no hesitation in encouraging anyone to take advantage of this wonderful facility.

Thank you Heart Care for being there and what you have done for me.

Gerald Nicholson