Many patients are very worried and frightened about their health during this coronavirus pandemic.  Many are recovering from heart attacks, strokes, heart surgery and struggling to cope with lung disease in this frightening and uncertain period.  They need to talk to someone who understands their medical conditions and we are still here to give patients the help and advice they need to get through this trying time. 

Although the Coronavirus crisis has forced us to shut our Walsall and Streetly centres for the moment, we have adapted our service as much as possible and are still accepting new referrals and keeping in contact with all our existing patients. 

However Heart Care is currently suffering a huge loss in income and we really need your help to keep the charity running.  

Our fundraising income has also been hard hit as we have had to cancel many events like our Easter baskets campaign whereby local pubs and organisations would have raffled for us but are unable to do so due to closure.  We have also had to cancel our Streetly Quiz Night; Muras Baker Jones Quiz Night; and Annual Sponsored Walk to name but a few which we rely on heavily to keep our charity going.  In addition our patients and supporters who fundraise for us are also unable to carry out events in our aid.  We cannot make any sales as we are unable to sell clothes, bric a brac, Ebay items or popular bonus ball on site. 

Another major way we have been hit hard is that we have no income coming in from our aftercare patient subscriptions.

We have been here serving the community for 38 years now and want to carry on as long as you need us.

Please donate as much as you can to keep Heart Care running during this period of hardship.

Thank you so very much.  Your support means everything to us.  We know that we will all get through this together.  Keep safe and healthy.  

Click on Donate to make your donation. 

Heart Care Team